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Data on towers, developers, neighbourhoods, communities, transit stations and listings all come from public and/or thrid party sources combined with proprietary compiled data. Although we do our best to ensure the accuracy of everything, all information should be verified thoroughly.
Our Team can help you in all aspects dealing with real estate including presale, assignments, detached or attached residential properties throughout the Lower Mainland. We can assist in finding the right lawyer, mortgage or notary for your needs. was developed by Third Place Creative Inc., a couple of Realtors who are coming from an extensive marketing background. Not satisfied with the current state of searching and finding homes online, they created a new user friendly and comprehensive way to find your dream home.
It’s free! And always will be! In order to save your favourites, you will need to sign up, but there is no cost. believes this information should be available to everyone and when the time comes, you will choose the ones with all the information to represent you in your biggest purchase/sale of your life.

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