Bucket Filling in Your Community

Have you heard of the term “bucket filling”? I first heard of the concept from my son who learned about about it at his elementary school. My son told me that we all carry buckets with us. We fill people’s buckets when we are thoughtful and kind to them. We dip into their buckets when we say and do mean things to them.

You see, the bucket represents one’s emotional state. When you say a kind word, help out, are thoughtful and caring, you fill the buckets of others as well as your own. When your bucket is full of happiness, you feel good about yourself, and tend to do things that fill other people’s buckets. On the other hand, when your bucket is empty, you tend to say mean things, be disrespectful, thoughtless, a bully, and basically be a bucket dipper. Your own bucket’s level of happiness is affected by the behaviours of those around you as well as your own thoughts and self talk.


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