Ten Things I do to Reduce My Waste

10 Ways to Reduce Waste

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

Unfortunately for me, I am far from perfect in any aspect of my life. When it comes to consumerism, I have my lapses. I get the urge to shop and buy stuff just like anyone else. Thankfully, my diminished bank account limits my purchases, but I also usually have my wits about me to remind me that much of what is marketed out there is unnecessary for me and my family, despite how beautiful some of those things are. When I look around me, I see that I really do have most of what I need. Everything else is a cherry on top.

With most purchases that people make, there comes an additional cost other than the one on the price tag. The additional cost we all pay is the one of waste in the form of garbage from packaging and end-of-life disposal. Waste, and how we deal with it, is costing us the health and future of our communities globally and locally.

Because I care about the earth, the people, animals and plants on it, and the future of our kids, my family and I have developed some useful habits which we have incorporated into our daily routines. Here are the top ten things we do to keep the amount of waste my family creates, including recyclables and garbage, to a minimum.

10 Ways to Reduce Waste

Photos by Anna Shvets from Pexels

I try not to get depressed thinking that the earth gets a little sicker with all the celebrations that must go on every day. Instead, I focus on the positive difference I am making, and get emotional encouragement from seeing zero-waste events.

I have come to the reluctant realization that I can’t change people’s environmentally damaging habits, but I can lead by example and create awareness.

What are your top 10?

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